Monday, September 24, 2007

Jack me up a little kiwi inspiration

I have been wanting to do a layout about bubble fun for a while and I recently found the kiwi version of scrapjack and saw the jack and was inspired here it is.


  1. Hi Beverley, great to have you joining us at Kiwi Jack..I just love the theme you chose for your version, it is perfect with the big circle...such a fun layout!

  2. Hi Beverley, just had to say how much i like your's a great interpretation of my layout.....great work.

  3. Hey Bev
    That is cool layout. I am going to get a big circle cutter this week. I have so many pictures that circles would be good for. Have started a new blog for my scrapbooking stuff... have put a few more pages on that I have done in the last few days.