Monday, July 20, 2009

Scrap Tech Tuesday

With the start of Minute Mondays Scrap Tech Tuesdays will be coming your way once a month over at Scrappin' Patch. This month by special request I will go over lollipop flowers in a bit more detail.

Lollipop flowers are an easy embellishment to make and there are heaps of possibilities with them. They are also great to use up some scraps. In the following layout I have made a tree with lollipop flowers.

P1120591 copy

Now depending on the way you like your lollipop flowers to look depends on how you scrap. Some of you might like precise circles in which case you would use templates or diecut circles - others like myself like myself would either cut circles freehand or draw the circles freehand and then cut them.

So firstly cut how ever many different size circles you would like for your flower . All my examples only have three layers.
If you would like a distressed look take each circle one at a time and using your distress tool or scissors go right around the circles and distress them.
You can also distress them using inks.
Next step is to assemble them - get all the circles and put a hole through the centre of them and attach a brad through the holes of all the circles.
They are now ready to be attached to your Project either with the brad or with a glue dot.

Here is another layout which I did couple of months ago using the above technique for the flowers.

P1120003 copy

You can also make even "scruffier" circles by cutting out the circles a little larger then you want them to be and then carefully ripping the paper around the edges as I have done on this card.


Another cool thing you can do is cut slits all the way around the centre circle to make a different textured look as in this card.


Lollipop flowers can also be made with fabric and buttons like I have done in this layout.

P1120573 copy

As you can see you can make a variety of different looking lollipop flowers and there are many more ways you can make lollipop flowers.
You can make them with different colour cardstock, spray glimmermist on them or just have circles with no distressing on them for a cleaner look - to name just a few.

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