Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Retreat News and layouts - very long photo heavy post !!


Last weekend I went to the Sketchbook Retreat. I had an awesome time not much sleep (about six hours),great company, heaps of inspiration, laughs and yummy food. I sat with Megan, Annelie and Heidi with Jane and Kelly nearby. I met a few more people and saw a few I had already met and didn't shop to much (had done to much prior to the retreat)

Thanks Megan for an awesome time - you were such a busy bee making sure everything was running smoothly and your layouts you did were awesome - I love the Jumbo Photo look - I need to give it ago.

Thanks Heidi for being my table buddy and a huge inspiration source - you gave me some great ideas !! and it was lovely sending time with you.

Annelie thanks for inspiring me as well with your stunning creations and great company and helping me out with ideas too.

Jane it was awesome meeting you and having your company and talking to someone about Katie and I love the layouts I did see of yours.

Well I did 15 layouts one of which was a double and a canvas so about the same as the last retreat - page kits make it easier to get layouts done. I went through and found challenges beforehand and then made kits. I was so inspired from the retreat that I have done my design team kit of four layouts in less then two hours today!!

Well in the previous post your saw one layout and here are some more I can share - You can find a lot of the products I have used at Scrappin' Patch:

Whats old is new challenge:
P1000275 copy

Scrapbook savvy Sketch Challenge

P1000276 copy

Scrapbook savvy 54321 challenge ie five circles, 4 patterned papers, 3 brads, 2 photos and one hand made embellishment.

P1000280 copy

Scrapbook savvy colour challenge - the new Prima Blooming retro was perfect for this:

P1000274 copy

White with one challenge -

P1000281 copy

1,2,3 challenge

P1000286 copy

Whats that ad about challenge:

P1000282 copy

Primas Challenge - the double layout

P1000285 copy

Wicked Princess Challenge

P1000277 copy

Layout for the current challenge at The Sketchbook

P1000258 copy

Stuck? sketch

P1000279 copy

Inspired blueprints Sketch

P1000278 copy

And the retreat challenge pack

P1000283 copy


  1. Absolutely stunning layouts Bev! I am so jealous! Haven't scrapped for a year now - aargh the withdrawl! My fav is the railway track one! very clever!

  2. Gorgeous work, I don't know how you do so many amazing layouts at one retreat!! My record I think was 8... LOL

  3. WOW!! Those layouts are just gorgeous, I am in awe of how many pages you manage to do at these retreats, especially considering how much work goes into each one of your layouts. LOVE the railway track one with the Webster's pages, and the challenge pack one ... all of them, actually! Glad you had such a nice time. I will definitely be at the next one - but hopefully we will see each other before then, maybe another crop at NZ Scrapbook? ;-)

  4. All of them ... are works of art ... bea-u-ti-ful!!!