Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Scrap Tech Tuesday - Embossing on layouts

Welcome to Scrap Tech Tuesday for May over at Scrappin' Patch. Today the technique is embossing on layouts. This is not the embossing that you do with the cuttlebug but embossing using embossing powders,stamps, versamark pad and a heat gun (some people use a toaster). Please be careful when using a heat gun or a toaster for this - we don't want any burns or houses on fire! For this technique you need a versamark pad which is a sticky pad like a stamp pad which the embossing powder sticks to, embossing powders, stamps and a heat gun

Firstly I will show you how to transform a piece of chipboard using the embossing powder.

Chose your chipboard piece - mine is a Dusty attic corner frame:

Stamp the versamark pad all over the upper surface of the chipboard. Then place the chipboard piece on a piece of paper so you can put the excess embossing powder into back into the bottle. Then liberally sprinkle the embossing powder on the chipboard - I have used a platinum embossing powder.

Pick up the piece of chipboard and tap lightly onto the paper to get excess embossing powder off. Then put all the excess powder back in the bottle.
Get the heat gun ready and heat the whole chipboard piece until the powder goes glossy.

Here is the finished piece.

Using this piece I made a layout and included some other embossing techniques. In the background I have stamped images using the versamark pad as the stamp pad and then sprinkling embossing powder over them. I have then removed the excess powder and used the heat gun over the images. The black grid and the flower stamps are done using this technique.

Notice the butterfly in the left hand corner - this is also done using a transparency which I stamped a butterfly on using Psychadelic embossing powder. This powder changes in the light. I outlined the image with a black pen. sorry not a great photo!

In the following layout I have also used an embossing powder on the guitar. Firstly I coloured it with pencil crayons and then stamped it with the versamark pad. I then put a clear embossing powder on it and set it with the heat gun. Clear embossing powder is great as you can put it on objects and they retain the colour underneath. It is similiar to glossy accents but dries quicker. The stars also have red and black embossing powders on them.

Here is another example with some Raspberry glaze embossing powder (kiwi stamping brand) on chipboard for one of my May Jumbo cards

All the embossing powders I have used are Stamp Effects brand other then the Raspberry one.

Thanks for looking

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