Thursday, January 27, 2011

Mass Creativity

Well I might have not done a lot of layouts yet this year but I have been busy creating. Between Christmas and New Year I created this birthday book as a gift using mainly Websters products (I had a go at getting on the design team but there are such big names out there it was extreme wishful thinking!).

Then over the last few weeks I had an opportunity to tidy up my scraps drawer and to use up those colours of cardstock that I bought and will never use.  I decided to create some 6X6 layouts for this and got a bit carried away and did 122! Christopher has now found a new love of this size scrapping which would be more affordable and space saver for him. My scrap drawer still has lots in it but at least it is tidier - slowly organising my scrap area. Here are the layouts that I need to send to Trina for the Wellington camp or next years even.


  1. Wow, that's a lot of work :). It all looks lovely. 6x6 is a favourite layout size for me too.

  2. Fantastic Beverley trina will be blown away with so many layouts its so cool that Christopher loves bring creative with you..

  3. Far out!!! Your a machine! :-)