Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Scrapbookers Delight blog challenge

This weeks challenge was all about mothers being mothers day last Sunday.  My layout is about my road to motherhood which was a bit bumpy with a miscarriage, a premmie baby(Brendan), an eptopic pregnancy and losing my precious baby girl Ashley at 23 weeks. All this followed by Christopher and Kaitlyn being only 15 months different in age and the pregnancies highly monitored.   I do love being a mom and my children are precious to me and I have a lovely supportive husband but there are definitely extremely frustrating moments of being a parent but I must remember how bumpy the road was to become a parent to this gorgeous mischievous  kids.

I had a lovely Mothers Day with breakfast in bed (waffles, fruit, icecream and cream).  A long bath
reading a book -  which I haven't done in ages.  I also sorted my scrapping stuff Im taking to Oz and spent time with my family.  One of the most relaxing mothers day I have had. (My mothers Day pressie is my time off in oz and my new paper drawers with my paper no longer stored in pizza boxes)


  1. Bev, gosh, that is some road you have traveled. Those must have been tough times but what a beautiful family you have now. Happy Mother's day.

  2. Oh Bev, you sure had quite a road to travel towards Motherhood... So wonderful you now have 3 kids to enjoy, to sometimes moan and groan about and always love.
    Love the sound of your pressie,breakfast in bed, bath and time out plus a trip to oz and a paperdrawer!
    Nice nice !!!