Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Bossy Scrapper no 9

I decided to have another go at bossy scrapper at SBBD. It involves going into their chat room and talking to people there and the boss gives us instructions for a layout we can do then and there or later on.
The boss was Kelly and there were real high jinks about cutting doodles,swear words, distressing and bonjela gel - great fun. I did some of my layout while talking but most of it later - didn't want to miss out on the fun. heres my layout - don't have a list of products this time sorry!


  1. No - don't let him wear it everywhere!! next thing he'll be swinging from buildings...
    the swirls on the photos are cool - what did you use to draw them?

  2. It was good fun wasn't it. Gosh we were all so naughty last night. Loved how you drew the webs, its a very cool layout.

  3. Great cobwebs, Beverley. Can't wait to see your entry for the Olympics tomorrow!