Thursday, September 18, 2008

Whoo Hoot Wednesday

I haven't whoo hooted for a while but have a few things to whoo hoot about (relating to scrapping mainly)

-going into Spotlight on Saterday and finding a threading water fiskars punch - it was hidden behind a lot of other punches and it was only $24.95 ( I saw one in a scrapbook shop today for $39.95 - lucky me).

- We had a big leak with the tap in the upstairs toilet early Monday morning - nothing to whoo hoot about there but Brendan had the presence of mind to turn the tap off and come and tell us what had happened. In fact he had saved my scrapping supplies as the garage and my desk are under the bathroom and the water came right through and onto my paper drawers but luckily only a puddle on top of both sets of draws. The only thing that did get wet were some of my blue flowers as one was sticking out of the container and drew some water into it. Well Brendan got a lego bionacle for saving the carpet and of course the scrapping stuff -some of which cannot be replaced.

- I had a great break two weeks ago to do some scrapping with a couple of the ladies from Scrapbook dreams (Hi Kirsten and Tracy) and I am really looking forward to the Auckland crop for The Sketchbook on Saturday - 11 hours of scrapping and meeting some talented scrappers there.

- I will also Whoo hoot albiet a bit late about getting a bronze medal in the first week of the Sketchbook Olympics - haven't got anything since but Im enjoying doing the layouts and I think I might experiment a little for the next round and see what happens :)

Thats my whoo hoots for now
Have a great week
I will put another post up later about the Sketch at little Shop of sketches this week


  1. Great list and phew at your scrapping supplies being saved. That was a great find there in spotlight.

  2. Now that could have been a huge disaster and what good thinking on Brendans part. Have fun at the crop - sounds like a lot of fun.

  3. Oh cool getting a threading punch at spotlight.
    Whew thank goodness for the good water save.

  4. Yay for you scrapping stuff getting 'saved' - that could've been a disaster!!!

  5. Great Whoo Hoot list - thank goodness for Brendan! And congrats on the Bronze medal; your work has been amazing every week. It's a tough competition, isn't it?

  6. Hi Beverley, it was nice to meet you in person yesterday! Its definitely nice to put a face to the name. Getting a threading water punch that cheap is whoo hoot for sure.