Thursday, November 6, 2008

Whoo hoot wednesday


Well I have had a busy week:

Whoo hoots this week:

- The kids behaving at my sisters wedding on Saturday other then Katie blowing raspberries at the time of the question "does anyone have any objections" luckily not to loudly and also yawning really loudly and saying it has been such a long day - the ceremony was only about a half hour. This is a big whoo hoot for me as I was so worried about how they would behave.

- my sister being happy again and newly married and off for a jet setting lifestyle.

- I have been chosen to pick Decembers Jack me up with my last minute layout from last month - Ive already picked who I am going to Jack but need to do the layout.

- winning not only the weekly sketch (sole participant) but the monthly one too at scrapbook Dreams - more scrapping goodies yippee.

- another monthly win at Scrapbooking by Design - got the voucher yesterday and my lovely DH doing the kindy pick up and adding money for me to go shopping today - and bought some lovely goodies - a lot of prima stuff.

- setting my first challenge at Sketchbook and a few people have already done it and love the sketch as well as doing the First day of inspiration to the build up to Christmas.

- getting my countdown to xmas challenge for SBO big Competition done as could not think of anything and getting the $10 challenge done for Scrapbox Competition and I have also entered Scrappin Patchs one too - what have I got into.

- getting involved in my first Circle Journal at scrapbook Dreams - and a big whoo hoot for Jane we thought her one had gone awol with NZ Post but it has turned up thank Goodness

well I think that is it - have a great week everyone!!


  1. Yay for the kids behaving at the wedding. These kind of things really can be quite boring for little ones! Had to giggle at Katie blowing raspberries at THAT particular time - cute :-)
    Congrats on your wins - hooray for prizes!
    Can't wait to see who you Jacked. I haven't done any of the Jacks for awhile (no time!) but still love seeing all the takes on each one.

  2. wow you have been a busy woman scrapping wise, congrats on the prizes you have won. Sounds like the chiildren did well at the wedding so big whoo hoot to them. Loved your advent calender up above, very clever idea.