Monday, January 19, 2009

A layout and day 16 - 18 photos

I decided to have a go at Primas Frugal scrapping challenge that is on their blog and created the following layout using packaging from their clear stamps and a transparency I bought last year.


The flourish,paper and clear flowers and title are all created using the clear stamp packaging while the paper behind the photo is the packaging paper from the transparency. The ribbon is a scrap left over from another layout and was originally a rak and the buttons from a pack of 100s. The cardstock is from a bulk pack from the warehouse. So if you dont include the cost of the items in the packaging this layout cost less then 30 cents including having the photo developed. I might just look at packaging more carefully before throwing it out!!

Im a bit behind in my photos so here are the last three days

Day 16

The kids were driving me crazy on Friday so this photo relates well (a xmas pressie from Katie)


Day 17

Board game time - Monopoly has recently been introduced to the kids (katie and CJ are to young yet) but Brendan has already beaten me on his second game - though I'm no good at Monopoly - he is getting to know a few tricks.


Day 18

After the rain today the kids went jumping on the trampoline - a bit difficult to catch a photo of them! Trampoline is a new addition and takes up half of the little bit of lawn we have.



  1. Awesome layout Beverley, and what fab photo's like the Ferrel Kids one.

  2. Love the layout, Beverley - especially the transparency.

    Um, where do I get a "Ferrel Kids" sign?? Please!?

    We got Monopoly for Christmas too, and on Boxing Day I taught Ethan (6) how to play. He needs me to help him with his money (especially because that new version is in $1000's, which makes everything quite a bit more complicated!) but he has picked it up really fast. We've even played the game with Tyler (4), he just "partners up" with an adult and does what he's able to do (roll the dice, move the counter, decide which properties to buy, LOL).
    Great family game :-)