Friday, January 30, 2009

A LAYOUT and some photos!!

I actually did this layout for Scrapbox NZ's colour inspiration challenge last week making it only my third layout this year. Hopefully have more to share next month. I love the Bella goodies Spotlight has at the moment.


and Day 28 photo
I went with CJ to the inline skate rink and put these on and stood up and in my mind I had visions off landing on my bum and took them off - I didnt like inline skates when I was younger much preferred roller skates. CJ didnt like it either so lucky it was free and it was wheels day and he had a bit of a ride on his bike.


Day 29
While Im doing this Brendan is doing this (trying to get his Dad off the top of the board) -Katie was asleep behind him



  1. Your layout is beautiful, love all of the colour and the beautiful photos. I dont like skates either. A few years back we were at the ice skate rink,hubby feel over and cracked his skull on the ice- then two ambulance's arrived with sirens a blazing to take himto hospital. I have never put skates on since!!

  2. Love that layout ... nice and bright - definitely a fun layout.

    Just checked through your pics for the month - brilliant!!!!

  3. Oh, I love love love that page, Beverley, it's just gorgeous!! What brand is that background page; I love the cool decorative edge. Lovely colours. I remember inline skating around Mission Bay quite a few years ago, but I wasn't very experienced, and I came a cropper going down a wee hill (bridge), and I haven't done any skating since! I never really got into roller skating though, either...