Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Scrapping Challenges

Scrappin' Patch has a new challenge up today - which is by Liz and is a designers choice challenge. The challenge criteria is to use primary colours on a page and include song or book words on your layout.

I have been participating in a challenges myself over in Australia for the
Wicked Princess forum and here are the last three challenges.

This the challenge for week two

This weeks' catwalk creation is all about Sleepwear. Think comfy and warm, but sexy at the same time. Your criteria includes using circles to represent spots on flannel pjs and the quote "We are shaped and fashioned by what we love" You must accessories your outfit with felt. As last week seemed rather tricky, you can embellish your outfit with other items, but YOU MUST include felt on there, and not just one tiny little bit in the corner .

Here is my layout. My felt is the flowers I made using the cuttlebug

P1130687 copy

week three was a little harder mainly becuse of the eyelets - I don't know when I last used eyelets!!- the criteria was as follows

Avant garde - one for the boys. Fashion isn't always about "glamour and pretty". This week its all about mens fashion, and we want you to create an avant garde work of art, using metal as your material. Your criteria must include the color black and you must use 20 brads OR 20 eyelets on your work. You need to accessorise with at least 2 of the following - leather, mesh, wire, staples, paper clips, foil and bottle caps. If you choose to use ALL of the accessories, that is up to you. But, these are the ONLY accessories you can use on your design, as well as the brads criteria.

Here is my layout:

P1130908 copy

The current challenge which was announced yesterday was right down my alley and I have completed it already.

This was the challenge:

Every fashionista must have a bridal gown in her portfolio. This challenge is to create a beautiful "shabby chic" creation. Criteria for this fashion piece must include soft muted tones, lace, pearls. You can include other embellishments, but the above MUST in your design.

Here is my layout - it has dried up seaweed on it!! that I found on the beach.

P1140038 copy


  1. OMG that is flippin GORGEOUS CHICKIE, you are a true inspiration

  2. These are awesome Bev! I love them and the Eyelet one looks even better in person!