Thursday, February 4, 2010

New Competition at Scrappin' Patch

On Monday the 8th of February a new competition at the Patch will start and will run for six weeks so that it ends the Monday before the retreat.

The Competition is called:

:P2: PATCH IT UP! :P2:

In the hints there have been clues about what the challenges will be and each challenge will be announced on Mondays. They will be weekly challenges that will end the following Monday at midnight. The winner will receive a prize from Scrapping Patch and I will give you more details of the prize later.

We will have a Bingo Board style system for determining the winner i.e. each entry will qualify for one number on the bingo board, that number will be drawn at random rather than in numerical order. At the end of the comp all the numbers will go into the draw for the main prize. This system means that everyone has equal opportunity to win, no matter how long they have been scrapping or what level scrapper. Once the competition has begun a post will be created with numbers 1 - ????? and each week the names of those who participated will be entered against numbers. This way all the participants will be able to see how they are doing.

So there you have it. More details and first challenge posted on Monday! Have FUN!

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