Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Birthday boy in the house!!!

My oldest Brendan turned 11 today!! Wow in two years we will have a teenager in the house....time flies.
He work up early for him about the time he was born 11 years ago (6:15am). Brendan had to wait to open his presents (better light for photos!!) until after his choice of breakfast  of bacon and eggs. He has been eying my nano for a while now since I got my itouch so he was given the nano which he was very excited about along with a nerf gun, clothes a a few smaller gifts. His friend gave him a PSP game and grandparents both gave him money which he was pleased about. He had school and the class sang to him.

In the afternoon my parents came over and joined us for tea and cake and four of Brendans friends came over. They had a great time playing a full on nerf fight (six kids and one dad -I opted out and my parents left before it started). Brendan is off school on Friday to go to Big Boys Toys with Andrew and a friend.

Happy Birthday Brendan hope you had a great day and enjoyed the yummy cake dad created for you!
Love you!!

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