Saturday, November 17, 2012

The start of the last year before we have a teenager...

Well Brendan is now 12 as of yesterday which means we will have a teenager in the house this time next year...yikes! He had the day of school as did one of his friends and they just hung at at home.  another friend came over after school for a sleepover (so five kids in the house!).  We then went to Dizzy Lizzy a new ice cream parlour nearby for hotdogs for dinner. 

Someone was pulling faces when I tried taking photos so this is the best one.

We decided against having icecream there and to get some goodies to make our own Sundaes at home. YUMMY! Candy Floss icecream included.

As Brendan chose an icecream cake we had it today as we were all a bit sugared out last night.

Happy 12th Birthday Brendan !
Off to college next year!

Before SENZ I made a book based on the book Leanne designed for Janice and Teri to teach - it was perfect to showcase photos from Brendans birth to 11 years old.Yes the "t"is missing!

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