Friday, June 20, 2008

So you think you can scrap part 3 Lianne's challenge

So far I found this the hardest to get together and come up with a concept. It had a long list of what needed to be on the layout and something unexpected. I interpreted the unexpected to be something that is not normally on a layout hence the coins and paper money but it also could have been that you finished your layout and decided to put a bit extra on for example a burst of colour or a bit of ribbon - I put on the sequins. My style of scrapping is normally sitting down and either finishing or nearly finishing a layout in one sitting but this one took a few sittings over four days - I think it was the list that got me. The results are not in yet but layouts are in the gallery at SBBD.


  1. Wow - I really like the whole idea of this one. Love the 5 cent pieces on the tree. Just might have to scraplift if thats OK.

  2. I love the tree and the stitched fabric - it all looks really good

  3. Well done Beverley. I really loved the coin idea!