Thursday, June 26, 2008

Whoo Hoot Wednesday

Well I have decided to do a whoo hoot Wednesday that Janine (angelgirl) I think started up and I have seen it on a lot of blogs and I think it is a great idea - so much positivity.
My Whoo Hoo moments cover 10 days as I should have set up one last week it has a few scrapping whoo hoos
- getting voted to be a guest designer at Paper pesto after being selected as one of the top twelve- I love their kits and the Ladies are great
- getting points for the last two rounds at So you think you can scrap
- Being really pleased with my layout for round 4 of the afore said contest reveal tomorrow
- getting my prize for Aussie scrap jack - vouchers which I bought goodies for my sister in Oz as postage to much to send here
- spending some money on scrapping goodies at Scrappin patch and getting a voucher to spend even more
- Getting a cool book as a RAK on Kiwi jack me up from Monique called the doodle formula
- and to top it off another rak from sketchbook
- Christopher has his fun fest tomorrow which is going to be so cute - he is a bird must remember the camera
- Brendan bought his portfolio home yesterday and he is doing so well WTG
- Found out today that Kaitlyn is first on the list to go up to morning kindy so after the holidays within the first couple of weeks she will go up - she will enjoy that so much going everyday.

Soo that is my whoo hoot wednesday so I have had a good week.


  1. Great list there and wow thats an awesome list of raks and things you have gotten over the last ten days thats a real whoo hoot moment. Congrats. Thanks for whoo hotting.

  2. It sure is a great list. Lots of congrats to you.