Monday, February 2, 2009

Day 30 to 33 photos

Day 30 - school supplies $60 worth!!


Day 31 - Katie with a funny face during a walk in the bush


Day 32 - meant to take a photo at the airport but forgot so here's a toy dragon instead


Day 33 - Two days until school starts and heres some of the uniforms - got a few bargains at the second hand uniform sale (uniforms have only been in for three years so these will still good) I paid $10 each for polar fleeces which are normally $55. I have been naming them this morning.



  1. Wow, did you spend $60 on stationary for 2 kids? I spent $50 on Ethan's alone! Great bargain with the school uniforms, that saved you a fair bit. Our school uniform was only introduced at the end of 2007, so there aren't many available second-hand yet. I can't believe Ethan needs new stuff already - he is growing too fast!

  2. Teaser.....I am waiting patiently for the reveal LOL.
    Go you on keeping up with the photos each day! I couldn't manage the first week LOL.