Saturday, July 19, 2008

Help out a fellow scrapper part two

from angelgurl

Last week I asked for your help, to help Rachel blog her way to immunity, well ladies lets amp it up a gear and really spread the word some more. Thank You to all those ladies that helped out last week. If you don’t have a blog you can still help Rachel out by leaving a message on her blog.

So here are the guidelines:

1. Leave a comment on Rachel’s blog post here

2. If you have a blog please write a blog post about Rachel and Scrap-n-Crop and PSA and do the link thing.

3. Leave a comment on Rachel’s blog here to tell her you’ve done a post.

4. Go to the PSA blog to this post here and leave the following comment “Rachel’s friend and the link to your blog post about her”. No personal messages should be left in that post, just the above.

Little Ole NZ had a great response last time so please show Rachel some support Thanks.  Well done Rachel.

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