Friday, July 11, 2008

So you think you can scrap Part Six - Louise's Challenge

I was looking forward to this week in the contest as I have loved Louises creations since I first saw them they are stunning. I have enjoyed doing all the layouts and trying out other peoples style but this ones concept came together the easiest maybe because I have been thinking about it so much :). The gallery is looking awesome and a few participants were a bit apprehensive this week but all the layouts are amazing.
Here's mine - no points for me this week but I'm proud of it :

Tomorrow brings the last challenge not sure what it will be but maybe a layout of what we think is our style??? Time will tell :)


  1. wow that is very times flies

  2. Love your layout Bev:)
    I'm also wondering what tomorrow will bring...I think that it might MIGHT be doing our own style! But who could be anything:)

    E X C I T I N G!!!!

  3. Very cool LO and I hope you have a blast with the last challenge too!

  4. I've been wondering why I haven't seen you updating your blog on my goggle reader! But discovered last night that I hadn't updated it since you switched to wordpress (duh!) Enjoyed looking at all your LO's you have been busy :-) Goodluck with the SYTYCS comp :-)

  5. Love your scrapping Bev. Wishing you well for this weeks challenge, looking forward to seeing Your style. Now I do wonder if I have sen your work before in Up2 Scrap??
    Smiles from Sonya