Tuesday, July 15, 2008

NZ Dare 49 - Pipecleaners

I initially was just going to make flowers with the pipecleaners but after going to Motat I got the photo for this so made iceblocks out of the pipecleaners and did a fun layout for something different.

I also did another layout for fun with another photo from Motat that I love. Lots of cutting in this one and it was like putting a puzzle together

My layout for part seven So you think you can scrap is also done also with a Motat Photo - I will reveal it on Thursday. I can't believe seven weeks have gone by so quickly.


  1. oh, I love love love these layouts Bev!!

    The colours, the accents and esp. the pipecleaners!

    F A B!!!!

  2. v. cool ice blicks! love the colours.