Thursday, July 24, 2008

Whoo hoot Wednesday

Its Whoo hoot Wednesday -I have a few of things to whoo hoot about:

Our shopping trip last Thursday - we managed to shop for seven hours that is me and the three kids who were having difficulty in deciding what to buy with grandads holiday money especially the boys.

School Holidays are over a little bit of peace around the house though got a ton of washing to do.

Kaitlyn started morning kindy today at four years two months a whole five months earlier then the boys did she loved it and tried to do her name when we got home and did right up to the Y very cool.

Andrew is loving his new job which is awesome

I completed all seven rounds of so you think you can scrap and even though I didn't get in the top three I have some layouts I'm proud of to add to my albums though I don't think I'm any nearer to figuring out my style LOL - I seem to range from fairly simple to filling up a page as much as I can!

Today I received my parcel from Scrapbox which was a pizza box 3/4 full of cardstock I bought (69 cents a sheet - can't go wrong with that) - should keep me going for a while......

And finally my name was drawn for NZ Dare 49 as the winner of a Shabby chic prize pack - ooh their stuff looks awesome can't wait to get this happy mail.


  1. fab list there and well done on winning the goodies frm NZ Dare thats awesome. My box of goodies from Scrapbox arrived an hour ago. I agree bazill at that price just has to be right. Great work on completing the whole 7 weeks of SBD SYTYCS.

  2. Congrats on completing all the challenges as well. Yay for bargains and with all the scrapping you have been doing lately that box of goodies is going to come in handy.

  3. Yep gotta love a parcel of scrapping goodies!!
    yay for you!! and well done winning the goodies from NZ dare - gotta be in to win!!
    Can totally relate to not knowing your scrapping style - I just go with what the photos dictate and I like to play around with stuff, and do daring things ...