Monday, May 11, 2009

Mothers Day and a new stage of parenthood

Well I had a lovely Mothers Day - thanks so much Andrew for letting it happen. I had a lovely breakfast in bed - egg,sausage,bacon,hashbrown, grilled tomato and mushroom and I had a sleep in until 8:30 when the kids came to give me my gifts.

first up was Christopher with a gift he chose all by himself - a little cat candle holder very cute and some very detailed drawings which I will put on a layout later

Then Katie gave me this lovely scarf - it has a hood and the at the ends you can put your hands in. It is for me when I am scrapping in my space in the garage which gets a bit cold in winter.


And Brendan had a choice between perfume and a Treasure box and he chose this as he says it will last longer.


So now I have got to decide what to put in my treasure box. Thank you my precious children for your lovely gifts. I also had a lovely lunch and dinner which included Sticky date pudding one of my favourites made for me.

Today I went to get a uniform set for Katie - there was a notice in the school newsletter for a second hand set of three shirts, two culottes and a pair of tights in excellent condition for $50 so I managed to get that - excellent bargain as they are in excellent collection and if bought new would have been about $180. Add these to the polar fleeces I got for $10 each and she has her uniform. Yes my baby starts school soon and has her first school visit tomorrow. The stationery is bought and she is so ready to go and so am I ready for her to go though there is a part of me that has a knot in my tummy thinking about it - so a new stage in parenting begins in June- no more preschoolers........


  1. What lovely gifts your children chose for you! I just love them all, but that scarf would have to be my favourite ... can you ask Katie (or Andrew!) where she bought it? I think I need one! My hands are soooo cold right now.

    Your baby is going off to school ... I can only imagine how strange that must feel. I will be there myself in just 4 months' time. Hope we will be okay with no more preschoolers in our homes! LOL :-)

  2. Lovely gifts Beverley, I have 1 year and 1 month until my baby goes to school.
    Good Luck and no more preschoolers.

  3. The gifts you got look lovely, hope Katie enjoyed the first school visit :)